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If you’re thinking it’s time to grab a bigger hammer, STOP! In fact, using a hammer might be the worst thing you could do if you’re working with quick connects. The thought of using a hammer if your couplers aren’t connecting properly can be really enticing, but we implore you to stop, drop the hammer,… continue reading »

Thread and End Connection Identification

Hose & Rubber News

When using any type of hose or tubing, a leak-proof seal is accomplished by properly identifying the type of thread being used. There are 4 primary different seal types when identifying connections: the thread interface, the O-Ring, the mated angle or mechanical joint, and the mated angle with an O-Ring. Thread Interface A thread interface… continue reading »

Hose & Rubber Announces New CEO

It began with Gordon’s dad. In 1970, Les Crawford and Dave Brown purchased McFarland Specialty; the company that would one day evolve into Hose and Rubber Supply. Les’ son, Gordon, started working for Hose and Rubber Supply in 1979 along with his brother Dennis and, in 1998, Les sold the majority of the company to… continue reading »

Employee Spotlight: Casey Lass

Name: Casey Lass Title: Branch Manager Hired: 2008/2014 Marital Status: Married, 3 Children Hobbies: Formerly Powerlifting. Currently, spending time with family, going on Church camping trips, fishing, kayaking, etc.  Bio: If Casey Lass has learned anything in his almost 14 years with Hose and Rubber Supply, it’s that more often than not, the grass is not greener on the other side. … continue reading »