Air Hose Quick Couplers


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We carry the most reliable quick couplers for quicker connection to and disconnection from most any kind of pneumatic tool. We can accommodate most any coupling configuration and recommend alternatives depending on safety and cost. You’re smart to contact the real pros at Hose & Rubber Supply, because they’ve seen a thing or two and can use their accumulated experience, knowledge, and common sense to send you back to work happy for their help.

It’s all about application, compatibility & safety.


Even the best pneumatic tool can’t do a thing without the right hose and hook-up. It takes the right tool, the right hose, the right coupler to get the job done. Whether you need significant air volume for jackhammers and impact wrenches, couplers that provide quick connection and disconnection for nail guns, blow guns, or countless other pneumatic tools, you are in constant need of solutions that can accomplish a task. The right pneumatic coupler makes a big difference.


Over the years many coupling configurations have been designed making it frustrating to find the one you need. We can help, because we know which one(s) you need, and we carry most options in sufficient quantities to meet your needs. This helps us live up to our commitment to meet the needs of our customers right here, right now!


All this must be done while assuring safety. Couplers that disconnect unintentionally while under pressure can injure people and damage equipment. Our standard quick couplers have the proper securing mechanism to minimize this possibility. We also carry swing couplers that do not come undone unless a person swings the coupler to a 45 degree angle making it near impossible to inadvertently disconnect. The swing coupler also vents the air pressure to prevent an air hose from whipping when disconnected.