BLM CNC E-Turn40

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BLM CNC E-Turn40

We are proud to now be able to provide all your hardline tubing needs as well. Our BLM CNC E-Turn40 tube bender is a step above the rest with regards to reproducibility and accuracy. Additionally, the left/right bend capability and high output rate of the machine makes it perfect for any metal forming projects you may have. Our new CNC Tube bender can do one tube or production line quantities, from chair frames to OEM landing gear parts. Our facility and bender can handle a wide range of materials and coupled with our Hexagon Romer scanning arm and V-Tube Laser software no project is too small or to large. The portability of our scanning arm allows us to come to your facility for difficult installations or problem solving. The scanner and V-Tube Laser Software makes reverse engineering of tube assemblies and verification of measurements to specifications quick and easy. Whatever your needs are Hose & Rubber is the future when it comes to tube bending technology.

Here are just a few features that we can offer with our CNC Tube Bender and our Hexagon Scanning Arm:

Entirely electric tube bender with 14-15 axis coupled with left and right bending.

Strong push booster programmable by the operator in a fully automatic cycle.

Tube diameters from 6mm to 40mm (.24 inches to 1.57 inches).

Up to three die stacks both right and left in each position.

Automatic XYZc factor generation functions starting from characteristic material elastic return data.

Right and left pressure die with electrically controlled axes.

Machine configured SIEMENS Simotion CNC.

Software for 3D graphic programming to check part feasibility and machine program optimization.