Hydraulic Hose


Best-In-Class Hydraulic Hoses

Have you ever had to deal with hoses that were designed to deliver hydraulic fluids, only to realize they just didn’t deliver? Or maybe…

  • …they were under extreme working pressures of tens of thousands of pounds, or
  • …in abrasive or difficult routing situations, or
  • …perhaps you had incredibly difficult working conditions that contributed to hose failure, or
  • …some environmentally friendly fluids simply weren’t so friendly to certain rubber compounds, or
  • …maybe the environment was too abrasive or the hose just wasn’t up to the job.

If so, let Hose & Rubber Supply’s knowledge guide your future hose choices.

The three primary components of any quality hose are: or in abrasive or difficult routing situations, Tube, Reinforcement, and Cover. Each plays a critical role in keeping hydraulic power efficient and reliable. Understanding components and their proper functions is crucial to the safety of any operation that relies on delivering power through hydraulics.

Check Out Why Our Hoses Are the Best of the Best

TUBE: This component is the inside channel of the hose through which the desired medium is delivered. Tube stocks can be made of many different chemical compounds; knowing which is needed for your application is crucial. Happily, where and when needed, we provide hose that functions in most any extreme environment. So, if your application has unique issues or extremes in clime, you’re in luck—because we can meet your needs.

REINFORCEMENT: This is the component that provides strength, shape, and/or pressure capabilities to the hose. The two primary types are braided and spiral, and are usually of high tensile wire. Each has its strengths. Understanding those strengths, and your application, allows us to create the best solution for your needs.

COVER: The primary job of the cover is to protect the reinforcement, which in turn protects the tube. Covers, like tube stocks, are also available in various compounds. With resistance capabilities ranging from hydrocarbons, abrasion, and UV, to MSHA’s flame-resistant specs, we’ve “got you covered” for whatever your application’s environment throws at you.

Selecting the right component to meet your needs is our strength. This is really why HOSE is our first name.