Hose & Rubber & Automotive Repair Shops20220315101806

Hose & Rubber & Automotive Repair Shops

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Hose & Rubber Supply works with a variety of automotive repair shops. From dealership repair centers to chain stores – even to mom-and-pop shops...
Hose & Rubber Provides On-Site Training20220112092617

Hose & Rubber Provides On-Site Training

Hose & Rubber Supply is more than just a supply company capable of providing you and your company with any parts you may need. We also offer produ...
Hose and Rubber Supply: Stop Burning Your Time & Energy20211208095006

Hose and Rubber Supply: Stop Burning Your Time & Energy

When you move liquified petroleum and/or natural gas, you know that safety is absolutely key. At Hose and Rubber Supply, we know this too, which is wh...
Hose and Rubber: A Breath of Fresh Air20210920145628

Hose and Rubber: A Breath of Fresh Air

You’ve been there. You’re walking through the park and it’s a perfectly lovely day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, maybe you’re e...
Hose and Rubber Transfer Hoses20210701095304

Hose and Rubber Transfer Hoses

If you’re in the business of transferring fuel, petroleum, gasoline, water, and/or food products from tank trucks, totes, or any source – you ...
Hose and Rubber Supply Kitting and Serializing Service20210607140318

Hose and Rubber Supply Kitting and Serializing Service

Hose and Rubber Supply is constantly innovating in the way we service our customers. Whether it comes to custom hose replacement and repair, product a...
YouTube Training20210408084634

YouTube Training

Recently, Hose & Rubber Supply has started a YouTube channel, designed to emphasize their second-to-none training methods on a variety of subjects...
Connect With Us20210302140316

Connect With Us

If you’re thinking it’s time to grab a bigger hammer, STOP! In fact, using a hammer might be the worst thing you could do if you’re working with...


Water. It can be one’s best friend or one’s worst enemy. One of the four natural elements, it’s both a powerful force – and indisp...
Keep Your Rig Rolling20201116110417

Keep Your Rig Rolling

America’s trucking industry is key to our nation’s transportation needs. Whether it’s raw foods, finished goods, fresh produce or something else...