Water. It can be one’s best friend or one’s worst enemy. One of the four natural elements, it’s both a powerful force – and indisp...
Keep Your Rig Rolling20201116110417

Keep Your Rig Rolling

America’s trucking industry is key to our nation’s transportation needs. Whether it’s raw foods, finished goods, fresh produce or something else...
Thread and End Connection Identification20201026103852

Thread and End Connection Identification

When using any type of hose or tubing, a leak-proof seal is accomplished by properly identifying the type of thread being used. There are 4 primary di...
Hose & Rubber Food Grade Hoses20201021102557

Hose & Rubber Food Grade Hoses

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 5 million people worked in the food and beverage industry in 2011. And each and every sing...
Cam and Groove20200911100516

Cam and Groove

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Overview At Hose & Rubber Supply, we offer OSHA-approved classes to our customers that are focused on hose, belt power transmission, and operation...
COVID-19 UPDATE20200413140317


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Dear Customers, Suppliers, and Friends of Hose and Rubber Supply, In light of this long, ongoing COVID challenge we wanted to review and renew our com...
Brake Lines Made Here20200214120013

Brake Lines Made Here

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Brake Lines Made HereIn the hose world vehicle brake lines are a category unto themselves. With all that’s riding on them they are not a place to ta...
Oil & Gas industry debate in Colorado20190614115353

Oil & Gas industry debate in Colorado

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Oil & Gas industry debate in Colorado   Recently debate regarding the oil and gas industry has had significant national and local attention in C...
Billings relocation20190611095317

Billings relocation

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Billings relocationThe old saying that ‘the only constant is change’ is true. We have an exciting change to make you aware of. Hose & Rubber S...
Optimizing the customer experience20190605092911

Optimizing the customer experience

Optimizing the customer experienceThe Hose & Rubber Supply location in Rock Springs, WY has braved a changing landscape over its many years. Throu...