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Hose & Rubber Supply works with a variety of automotive repair shops. From dealership repair centers to chain stores – even to mom-and-pop shops – we provide top-of-the-line products and deliver exceptional service every single time. 

Hose & Rubber Supply provides products that help keep automotive repair shops running. From push lock hoses and fittings to high-flow air quick couplers; air compressor discharge hoses, garage exhaust hoses, shop air lines, bell-ringer hoses, and more, Hose & Rubber Supply has the automotive hoses you need, when and where you need them. 

We not only offer products that the shops themselves use; we also provide products for your customers. Hose & Rubber Supply offers customized power steering lines, air conditioning lines, Department of Transportation-certified brake lines, long-life silicone heater, and radiator lines, custom clamps, braided stainless steel lines, AN fittings, and more — all usually available in minutes while you wait.

By working with Hose & Rubber Supply, automotive repair shops gain access to local product availability. Our products are customized to each shop’s unique needs, and we also provide products that are customized to customers’ vehicles. We’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of company. We work with shops to determine what product best works for them. 

Our high-quality materials and our service expertise can result in a reduction, even elimination of downtime, and it offers greater functionality in your auto shop. We construct your custom hoses based on how it best suits your shop. We believe that quality equals longevity, and longevity equals a reduced cost in the long term, as well as increased uptime. 

No matter the need, Hose & Rubber Supply has the solution. Are you lifting a truck? Waiting on an OEM? Do you need high mileage radiator hoses? What about a lengthened fuel filler neck hose or a new Air 

Conditioning hose? Hose & Rubber Supply has superior products resulting in longevity and greater customer satisfaction. So whether you’re looking for products for your shop or for your customers, Hose & Rubber Supply guarantees to put more cars on the road faster, and we guarantee to leave more cash in your company.