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Breathing Air

Hose & Rubber Case Study
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Breathing Air Industry


United States


The industry did not have a coupling capable of meeting attachment specs that could be applied to the hoses available at the time.


Develop a hose, with breathing air quality components with the ability to receive and retain couplings now needed.


Brought a patented hose product to the market with ready availability to improve breathing air conveyance.


Throughout the breathing air industry changes were being made to coupling type, metallurgy, and application needs.  New couplings and available hoses were not mated and approved to work together, and a simplified but safe system that would protect those using emergency breathing air systems was needed.


Develop the specification necessary to manufacture a hose product that could safely and easily be used by any hose assembler for the breathing air packs, rescue lines, and portable systems.  Hose needed to not only carry safe breathing air but prevent any infiltration of external gases.


Hose and Rubber developed and patented a hose that not only protected the users of breathing air systems but permitted the installation in field of a variety of quick couplings and threaded configurations.  The industry served users that included emergency rescue and dangerous gases exposure personnel. The resultant hose was then delivered to locations around the world including the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Kazakhstan.