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If you’re thinking it’s time to grab a bigger hammer, STOP! In fact, using a hammer might be the worst thing you could do if you’re working with quick connects. The thought of using a hammer if your couplers aren’t connecting properly can be really enticing, but we implore you to stop, drop the hammer, and let us help you fix the root problem.  We know you just can’t be caught waiting for power (hydraulic or pneumatic) to come on line. Full flow, high pressures, and critical applications demand power as quickly as easily as possible.

Quick-connect couplings are connectors that are often used to mate or couple lines with equipment that require repeated connections and disconnections (like the key in your ignition). They can also provide disconnect points for attachments that are used seasonally. Quick connects are designed to make your life easier and your connections faster, while making spills and leaks a thing of the past. They’re used in both hydraulic and pneumatic applications and, in a perfect world, they’re designed for easy-to-manage hand operation. So, when something goes wrong, when couplers don’t connect quickly, you have a problem.

Luckily, Hose & Rubber Supply specializes in solutions. When couplers are damaged, mismatched to their applications or are of poor quality, you miss out on all of the benefits yet suffer all of the frustrations. Leaks, drips, venting and fluid loss all result in a loss of productivity and profit. With the high price of fluids or compressed gases, and the cost of machinery damage in run-dry events increasing, a review of the best coupler-by-application can literally mean saving money every day. 

And that is why Hose & Rubber Supply exists – to provide solutions to our customers – and thus to save you money, not to mention time and headaches. Working with our team of experts means you won’t have to worry about difficult connections, weeping couplers, inadequate flow issues, contamination and more. We can bring answers to all of those issues for you. We have decades of experience and know just what to do and when to do it – and none of our plans involve banging things with a hammer. Minimize your downtime and don’t let little leaks cost you big bucks.  Whether you need to connect under pressure, standardize similar units, connect multiple lines in a single motion, or if you want to replace a well-worn set, our team has the proven working solutions you need. Our supplies will do the job for you now and they will keep doing the job for years to come. We ensure that you will have fluid power when and where you need it, so let us earn your trust as we have with so many other companies. Trust us. Connect with us, and we will help you.