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1970’S – 1980’S

Crawford and Brown incorporated Hose and Rubber Supply (HRS INC.) from within McFarland. This came about in part as the Gates Rubber Co. had begun to shift away from their in-house custom hose assembly fabrication and Gates’ need for other entities to still provide Gates’ quality assemblies. In the Northern Rockies, Gates came to Crawford and Brown seeking their help to continue that service to Gates’ customers. This fit their original mission – to keep their customers operational in a world of extremes.


By this time HRS INC./McFarland Specialty had support and production locations in Wyoming, the Denver-Julesburg Basin of Colorado, Billings, MT., and in Williston, N.D., providing a network of interconnecting sites to serve industries as diverse as Agriculture, OEM/Fabrication, U.S. military bases, and the ever dominant, fast-paced Energy and Extraction industries.


Hose and Rubber was reviewed and awarded Gate’s highest hose certification, HAF, a certification based on adherence to quality of production, fabrication traceability, and system standards adherence.