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As technology advanced HRS INC. embraced the opportunities to improve that I.T. brought. The start of the decade saw the implementation of live-time interconnectivity of all branch locations and the dynamic of material tracking it offered. The notable additions of pressure testing and performance certification, and the capacity to build repeatable, special configuration products for customers at any location were also improved or accelerated as a result of technology’s growth.


In this decade HRS moved the first large bore, high-capacity crimp equipment into the Northern Rocky Mountains across all its locations, with the largest number of high capacity crimpers in the region. In addition, HRS now has one of the largest big-bore crimpers available anywhere operating in its fleet.


HRS INC. also accelerated the development of “kit projects” for customers for an ever expanding national customer base. From as simple as a numbered sequence of parts through full, on-site customer assistance to determine application development, specifications of product, and generation of unitized packaged kits ready for completed installation.


Currently, kit production can include serialized units with documentation of date of production/quality inspector/shipping/delivery and any additional customer needs.


The manufacturer’s warehouse division was fully phased out in this era and HRS INC. became the sole operational entity.