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HRS launched its Government Military Sales division.  For over four decades HRS has served our government and defense entities in the area but with this step it allows us to place a dedicated facility solely at the service of the American warfighter.


To this day the company has maintained an extremely high employee tenure record, due in great part to the strong relationships. This staff retention gives us one of the deepest and broadest experience bases among companies in this industry, anywhere, with our team coming from fields as diverse as auto and diesel mechanics, farming, information technology, and Veteran warfighters.


The product and service capabilities of Hose and Rubber range far further than our name alone might suggest, including belt power transmission components and drive design, CNC computerized tubing bending, and high reliability-low maintenance shaft couplings, just to name a few. And of course, an inventory and knowledge base in hose, couplings, and components ranging across the entire spectrum of the industry.