Learning Center


In many aspects of modern life the term ‘customer service’ can ring hollow. As an employee-owned company, we are committed to serve our customer in a meaningful way that solves problems, saves time and ultimately enhances their (the customers’) profitability. To this end we have launched three initiatives:


Education – For our company and for our customers. Hose & Rubber Supply has been developing a training curriculum to teach all of our employees in areas of problem solving, product application, communication, cyber security and much more. Training meetings are held each week at each of our facilities with testing for each training topic. We also offer training sessions to our customers regarding thread identification, the Gates Safe Hydraulics course, Dixon Safety Survey, Hose & Rubber Supply Safe Pneumatics training and more.


Quality Certification – Hose & Rubber Supply has earned the coveted AS9100D certification,  the US Air Force’s highest standard for quality.  This assures our quality management process is always at the forefront of all our work.   Having achieved this certification for our Government and Military Sales (GMS) center, we look forward to earning the ISO9001 certification across all divisions of the company. These processes help us formalize the many quality processes we have always held and allows us to concentrate on where we can improve. We are committed to continuous improvement to better serve our customers.


Diversification – The roots of Hose & Rubber Supply have always been in energy (e.g., oil, natural gas, coal, etc.) We are committed to continue to grow and develop to take care of our energy customers. We know, however, that the swings up and down regarding the price of crude oil and other energy sectors can have disruptive effects on our customers—and our company. We are focused on growing in servicing energy markets but the company is also seeking to grow faster in areas that make us stronger in all areas to minimize the effects of energy variation. One of those initiatives has been to grow in larger metropolitan areas found throughout the Northern Rockies in Utah and especially Colorado. We are growing in industries serving construction, municipalities, manufacturing and the like. We have also established a location center (GMS) that is solely focused on providing our expertise in hose and related products for the Federal Government—primarily serving all branches of the military, but also Bureau of Land Management and Department of Energy.


We are excited to serve the customers in our market and to discover other markets where quality and customer service are required.