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Dear Customers, Suppliers, and Friends of Hose and Rubber Supply,

In light of this long, ongoing COVID challenge we wanted to review and renew our commitment to everyone’s safety and health.  We here at Hose and Rubber want to first extend our deepest concern, support, and prayers for all who have contracted or lost a loved one in the COVID-19 pandemic in this last year. Our hearts go out to you.  Most of us wouldn’t have imagined that in the 4th quarter of 2020 we’d be watching new upticks and outbreaks across the country. 

As a country we’ve learned that we all can suffer “COVID fatigue” from trying to maintain our community-health habits. We’re reiterating our focus to have the best practices – to be sure that all of us; staff, customers, family members, vendors, or service providers – are safe.  Nothing we do in the midst of this pandemic is more important than caring for each other.

COVID-19 protocols, the directives, procedures, and guidelines for communities, businesses, and homes are under frequent change or updating and we are working constantly to maintain our operations within those recommendations. Those industries considered critical or essential may additionally have their own sets of guidelines. A great many of our customers fall within the critical and essential designation and thus require access to our services as we help them care for the front-line industries in our area.

Within our shops, offices, and our outside contacts with the community, we are reinforcing our extensive precautions to keep each other safe and reduce the risk of COVID-19 being spread. Some of those actions include:

  • Exceeding CDC guidelines for general facility cleanliness and disinfecting multiple times per day.
  • Having common areas and customer service areas meet or exceed social distancing guidelines and providing airborne particle barriers wherever physically possible.
  • Except for situations where an employee is alone in a room in any of our facilities (e.g., an office space), Hose & Rubber Employees wear masks to protect others.  To protect the community and our customers Hose & Rubber Supply employees wear masks when working in public and when visiting our customers’ facilities.
  • Requiring hygienic and protective measures to reduce the risk of transmission to each other.
  • Working from remote/home locations where feasible.
  • Making working from remote/home available for high risk staff or those with high risk family members.
  • Structured access points to our facilities to promote good distancing behaviors.
  • Providing reduced or no contact product pick-up or delivery options for our local customers to help them maintain reduced social contact as well.
  • Slightly altered hours of operation in some locations while our emergency on-call remains fully operational.

We are grateful for the diligent effort of our suppliers to be certain the products we need to take care of our critical customers are reaching us and above all to our dedicated team here at HRS who are working together to keep us safe.

Our deepest thanks and appreciation for the extra energy, efforts, patience, and care that everyone is making during this very challenging time.  We are committed to reducing the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on all of us.  If there is anything that we can do to work toward making this time less difficult for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of the Hose and Rubber team.

Sincerely, Hose and Rubber Supply