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Hose and Rubber: A Breath of Fresh Air

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You’ve been there. You’re walking through the park and it’s a perfectly lovely day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, maybe you’re even whistling a tune. Suddenly, it hits you. It wasn’t a major thing, just a couple of grains of dirt or dust. But it completely immobilizes you. You rub your eyes, but that just makes it worse. You run to the nearest water fountain, hoping a bit of water streamed directly into your eyeballs will help ease the pain. But it doesn’t. All you can do is sit there, hoping that eventually the problem will pass.

Would it surprise you to know that your compressed-air system reacts much the same way? A tiny bit of dust can irritate your eyes. Likewise, the smallest impurities can cause problems with your compressed-air system.

Compressed air is something that’s used in a variety of industries. It’s an important medium for the transfer of energy in industrial processes (like what you do), but it’s also used for power tools like air hammers, drills, wrenches, and more. Air compression is also used to atomize paint or to operate air cylinders for automation. It is even used to propel vehicles. Clean air reduces downtime, repair costs, and tool damage. But when things go bad, they can go really bad.

Impurities such as dust, rust, dirt, and water/vapor can destroy a good air system. And the last thing you want is tool damage or a system failure just because the wrong filter, regulator, or lubricator is being used. Or maybe, you’re not using one at all. That is when things go really bad.

Luckily, Hose and Rubber Supply stocks and supplies FRL combos (filter, regulator, lubricator) to ensure your compressed-air system isn’t putting out dirty air.

Quality filters take the damaging, dirty air that enters a compressor and they leave it as clean as possible by straining out contaminants like rust, dirt, and water. Regulators maintain constant and reliable output pressures; despite variations in input pressure or down-line flow requirements. It is critical to control pressures to air motors and/or bearings, air tools, spraying devices, air logic valves, and most other air-powered applications. Lubricators assist with this. To decrease the friction between moving parts and to extend the life of air tools, valves, cylinders, and air motors, lubricators control the amounts of tool oil applied to compressed air systems.

You can look to Hose and Rubber Supply to help you make the right choice to keep your pneumatic tools at the ready. Whether you need oil-fog lubricators for heavy applications or micro-fog lubricators for cylinders or valves, we have the right ones for the job.

Hose and Rubber Supply has the experience, the tools, and the expertise to help you keep your people and their equipment on the job and working. This means job security with less down-time for your employees and a healthy bottom line for your company.

It’s time to give your system a breath of fresh air. You can do that with the professionals at Hose and Rubber Supply.