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Hose and Rubber Supply is constantly innovating in the way we service our customers. Whether it comes to custom hose replacement and repair, product assembly, testing and certification or even taking our safety and industry trainings to the world wide web, we take both our job, and the way we do our job, very seriously to ensure that your job is as easy as it can be.

Because of this, Hose and Rubber Supply has introduced both a kitting and serializing service to get you what you need, when and where you need it, with minimum hassle. Kitting, as the name implies, involves making kits of materials that are sent to customers. Instead of having to order various parts at different times, we offer our clients the option to order one kit, or one part number, that includes everything they need.   

“We take the parts that a customer needs for a certain project and we create one part number for all of those parts,” said Joshua Kain, Hose and Rubber Supply’s Casper Branch Manager. “What we’ll do is, we’ll look at the hose, adaptors, or any kind of part that a customer needs, and we’ll batch at all of those part numbers to create a bill of materials with a single part number that the customer wants. We combine everything into that one part number so when the customer gets it, all they received was just one part number with multiple assemblies and parts.”   

And that is where serializing comes in. Kain said that by building a kit and serializing the part number, they are able to keep records of everything that goes out. 

“We keep track of everything that is under that one part number,” Kain said. “If our customers need to add or subtract or change something, we can do that right away. We put labels with serial numbers on the packaging, which on our end, not only go on the service ticket but in a separate digital spreadsheet as well. So if we need to provide Quality Control checks, or identify for a customer where they made changes in their kit, we can.  We track every style by number.

That is probably the biggest benefit of both kitting and serializing. It benefits both the customer and the supplier, because there is a traceable record that doesn’t allow for anything to fly under the radar.”

“We can track everything,” Kain said. “We know who’s buying our products, when they bought them and as far as serial numbers go, we know when the kits were built, who built them, and when they went out. We can track it all down to a certain box or a certain run of kits that we have built. The biggest benefit for the customer is ease of ordering. Now, they just have to order one part number, that can come with a serial number, instead of multiple pages of parts, which makes it easy for them to track.”

At Hose and Rubber Supply, we will do anything we can to provide our customers with products that give value and savings through longevity. Whether it’s fixing a hose, replacing a fitting, updating your belt drives, or keeping your inventory stocked with our easy-to-service kitting and serializing system, we do things right – right here, right now.