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Hose and Rubber Supply: Stop Burning Your Time & Energy

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When you move liquified petroleum and/or natural gas, you know that safety is absolutely key. At Hose and Rubber Supply, we know this too, which is why we have developed a reputation as the premier hose supply company in the Northern Rockies. Our expertise, as well as our products, have made us your number one source for fuel gas hoses. If you need to get NG or LPG products from here to there without a job-spoiling hitch, let the professionals at Hose and Rubber Supply handle it.

Whether you’re a drilling contractor, a pipeline builder or operator, a refiner operator, have gas-driven generators, or you’re simply a personal user who needs to move gases, you can work with us for UL standard products that will keep your projects safely on track and burning bright.

We also provide extensive support to the construction services, rental and ground heater markets for job site supply hoses and fittings. Our on-hand supplies help ensure critical heat delivery to construction sites, keeping them working year-round, while giving rental heater managers the knowledge their units have the safest hoses available.

Companies and individuals alike trust us because of the quality and expertise in products and applications. We use premiere-construction LPG hoses with a 5:1 safety factor, which means our hoses have the ability to hold five times the amount of their safe work load. We have reliability and performance that you can count on.

At Hose and Rubber Supply, we stock accessories important to the fuel gas world, such as breakaway couplers, ACME speed-nut adapters for LPG bottles, filler couplings, and Bertha Torches that can be used for everything from removing ice to burning weeds. We build hose lengths to suit your specific application needs as well.

We have extensive experience in, and are a producer of, OEM lines for large-Kw natural gas-fueled generators, whether portable, field-placed, or to be used in case of emergency. Our work there includes fuel-line design, routing, kit packaging, and expert application input. As a premier builder of customized assemblies – from connection requirements to length and fitments – we have everything you need to move your business to the next level and beyond.

But, more than anything, safety is the most important aspect for us, just as it is with you. Our team is available to look at your fuel-gas hose applications with you and we can make safety recommendations that would lead to continuous improvement in all areas. We offer site-observations and best-practice recommendations, all designed to show you who we are and how we can best serve you.

We understand that low maintenance and longevity are key to safe, profitable productivity, and we want to help you achieve that. We can do that, and we can help you safely move produced natural gas and LPG gases. Just like you, we always put safety first when it comes to NG/LPG. So don’t burn your time and energy anymore. Trust us to help you transfer, load, and handle fuel gases safely.