Hose & Rubber Accessories

Nowadays, in most everyday situations, you’ll hear that “there’s an app for that.” And usually, that’s true. But when it comes to the world of custom hose replacement and repair, it’s a whole ‘nother world. There may not be an ‘app’ for that, but there is certainly an ‘acc’ – as in, an accessory. And the only place to find those accessories is at Hose and Rubber.

If you’ve got a seemingly unsolvable problem, don’t worry – there’s an acc for that. Ask us, because we can probably help.

For example, maybe you need to prevent damage to hydraulic system components. Or maybe you’ve been wanting to extend your pressure washer wand. Or, perhaps, you need to keep water flowing into your pump to keep it from backing out.

Don’t worry – there’s an accessory for that. Hose and Rubber has suction strainers, foot valves, hammer unions, rags, and a host of other items that can easily solve any problem that you may face. If something comes up, bring it to us and we’ll help you solve the problem. We have the people, and the supplies to help fix whatever problem you may be facing.

We’ve also got black iron pipe fittings, sheaves and bushings, foot valves, hose attachments, and suction strainers. We even have simple garden hoses.

As you wander through our store for the hundredth time, you might wonder how you’ve missed some of these items, many of which ‘the other guys’ don’t even bother to stock. But they’ve always been here, waiting to help you in your time of need. These staples of our shelves are here all day, every day, just waiting to be picked up by you.

But it’s not just our tools, supplies, and accessories that are waiting to help. The same can be said of our staff. 

Much like the items we carry, our competent staff are here, ready, willing, and able to help. They can answer your questions, ask you new ones, and they can tell you what all of these ‘lesser known’ accessories do, and how they work. 

Because that’s what the professionals at Hose and Rubber Supply do. They answer questions. They solve problems. They’re there when you need them and, if they don’t have the answer or the tool, they’ll help you find it. It’s not all that surprising that our customers have been letting us help them solve some of life’s little problems for decades now. What is surprising, to some, is the fact that we’ve got wall-to-wall accessories that are guaranteed to help you, no matter the problem. Surprise!

So, next time you’re in one of our stores, take the time to look around. You’ll see some things you’ve never noticed before, never thought you’ve needed before, and never thought to ask about before. But ask. Our staff will answer your questions and they’ll teach you things that you’ll remember the rest of your life. So, take advantage of our decades of experience because you can always trust our people.

We just thought you’d like to know.