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“Under Pressure.”


Maybe Queen was onto something. We’re all under a little pressure. Whether it’s because of our job, our relationship, or back taxes – all of us feel the weight of the world at one point or another.

But, pressure can also be a good thing; especially when washing hard-to-clean vehicles, machinery, or heavy equipment. 

That’s where Hose & Rubber Supply comes in and we have just one question:

What in your world needs washing?

How about cleaning off heavy equipment, a parking lot, scrubbing a power plant, or cleaning a rig?  What about trying to clean your carpets? Or blasting away sewage? What about food processing preparation? Pressure washing is also great for home use. 

Without proper washing capability, none of that is possible. In every one of these cases (and so many more), the proper hoses, tips, coupler, and accessories are key. And nobody can help with your pressure washer hose and accessory needs better than your friends at Hose & Rubber Supply. 

We carry pressure washer tips at differing angles allowing broad-brush fanning or direct high-pressure streams.  From hoses to wands, to nozzles, adapters, fittings, and more- Hose & Rubber Supply is dedicated to providing you with the equipment you need exactly when you need it. Our dedicated staff will find what you need and, if we don’t have it, we’ll point you in the direction of the ones who do. Because that’s our commitment to excellence; that’s our commitment to you. So, the next time you have a big cleaning project and you need the right tools for the job, come on into Hose & Rubber Supply and put us to the test. 

You’ll find out, very quickly that when it comes to supplying you with the tools you need for projects big and small… the pressure’s on. 

And we thrive under pressure. 

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