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Hose & Rubber Supply is more than just a supply company capable of providing you and your company with any parts you may need. We also offer product assembly, on-site bin management, custom hose replacement and repair, power transmission drive design, testing and certifications, and more. Hose and Rubber Supply is also able to provide premiere training courses, offering OSHA-approved classes to our customers (your employees), that are focused on hydraulic hoses and operations safety.

Let Hose & Rubber train your employees to be safer, while also reducing downtime and increasing productivity. We offer training courses on a variety of subjects, so let us train your people on air & hydraulic hoses, belt power transmission, thread identification, or any other subject that requires safe handling.

At Hose & Rubber Supply, we spend much of our time working in the world of hydraulics and we know that hose systems are absolutely critical; not just to the functionality of equipment, but to the safety of operators as well. We train your people in the importance of safe hydraulics, giving your team a greater understanding of the highly complex world of hydraulic hose safety. We will also teach them how to diagnose and prevent failure in the future.

Additionally, we will teach your team about the vast number of connection types and routing improvements that exist in the world of hydraulics, along with other skills that will increase hose and system longevity.

We also offer Industrial Hose Safety & Survey training. This is because a failed air hose at 100, 200 or perhaps 500 psi can cause bodily harm and equipment damage. We will walk your people through everything; from how to monitor industrial hose life, to connections that promote hose safety, leak prevention, and more.

By tailoring these trainings to your specific facility, we can help you reduce downtime due to injuries caused by hose and/or coupling malfunctions. Additionally, whether you operate a municipal equipment repair facility, a refinery, or even a repair shop for your own equipment, we’ll prescribe how you can best accomplish what’s needed in every business day.

At Hose & Rubber Supply, we provide Belt Preventative Maintenance as well. We know that v-belts are designed to be the weakest link in their system, in order to prevent costly damages. When engines or driven objects have issues, our training can help your v-belt and synchronous-drive systems provide years of effective, cost-efficient service.

Whether working on the HVAC of multiple buildings, or a fleet of field generators, pumping units, or mills, knowing how to select and maintain drives will save you and your team downtime and resulting costs.

Our teams and manufacturers are happy to review your systems and provide training sessions on the safest use, maintenance, and repair of belt systems.

Some of these courses can qualify  as OSHA safety meetings and they can be held at your location, job site, or even at a Hose & Rubber location. Most importantly, these courses are offered at no cost to our customers. At Hose & Rubber Supply, our job is to increase your safety, reduce your downtime, and boost your profits. Our job is to train your people. So, take advantage of our decades of experience and help us help you. For more information, about this service and all of our services, visit hoseandrubber.com.