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Hose & Rubber Supply: Hose is Our First Name

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If you need a hose, then you need look no further than Hose & Rubber Supply. For decades, Hose & Rubber Supply has specialized in hose assemblies and all that goes with them. We have survived, and thrived, through generations, helping businesses fill their hose and fittings needs. We have been creating and standing behind the finest, longest-lasting hose assemblies that anybody could find. 

For years, people have asked us when, where, and how to get the best service from hoses and, well, we’ve let them in on a little secret. 

You can get it from us. 

This is especially true when it comes to hydraulic hoses. We’re just what you’ve been waiting for because we offer the best-in-class when it comes to hydraulic hoses. 

Have you ever had to deal with hoses that were designed to deliver hydraulic fluids, only to realize that they just didn’t deliver? Maybe they were under extreme working pressure. Or maybe they were being used in difficult routing situations. Perhaps you were working under incredibly difficult working conditions that contributed to hose failure. It could be the fact that some environmentally-friendly fluids weren’t actually that friendly to certain rubber compounds. Maybe the environment was too abrasive or maybe, just maybe, the hose just wasn’t up to the job.

Whatever the reason, if your hydraulic hose didn’t perform up to your expectations, then you need to visit Hose & Rubber Supply. 

It’s not just the fact that our staff has years of experience and excellent customer service (though that’s true, as well). It’s the simple fact that our hoses are the best in quality. Period. 

In other words, we’ve got the equipment and we know how to use it.  

There are three primary components of any quality hose: the tube, the reinforcement, and the cover. Each plays a critical role in keeping hydraulic power efficient and reliable. Understanding components and their proper functions are crucial to the safety of any operation that relies on delivering power through hydraulics. 

Allow us to briefly educate you on these components. 

The tube is the component that is the inside channel of the hose, through which the desired medium is delivered. Tube stocks can be made of many different chemical compounds; knowing which is needed for your application is crucial. Happily – when, where, and how we’re needed – we provide hoses that function in almost any extreme environment. Even if your application has unique issues or faces extreme climates, we will be able to meet your needs with our hoses. 

The second component of a hose is the reinforcement component. This is the component that provides strength, shape, and/or pressure capabilities to the hose. The two primary types of reinforcement are braided and spiral and they are usually made of high-tensile wire. Each type has its own strengths. Understanding those strengths, and your own application, allows it to create the best solution for your needs. 

The third and final component of a hose is the cover. The primary job of the cover is to protect the reinforcement, which in turn protects the tube. Covers, much like tube stocks, are also available in various compounds. With resistance capabilities ranging from hydrocarbons, abrasion, and UV, to the MSHA’s flame-resistant specs, we’ve got you covered for whatever your application’s environment throws at you.

Selecting the right component to meet your needs is one of our biggest strengths, so let our experience guide your future hose choices. Wherever you are, moving hydraulic power to help answer our country’s needs and driving our economy, we can help you stay in motion. When you get your hose assemblies from Hose & Rubber Supply, you know you’ll have the best of the best. You’ll know that they will be correctly selected and fitted to your exact needs. 

We have the reputation and the history of helping companies like yours to keep machinery running better, longer, and more profitably. Let us help you. Let us guide you. Your customers and even your own bottom line will thank you. Profusely. 

The bottom line is this: If you need hoses, you need Hose & Rubber. 

After all, ‘Hose’ is our first name.

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