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America’s trucking industry is key to our nation’s transportation needs. Whether it’s raw foods, finished goods, fresh produce, or something else entirely if it weren’t for the thousands upon thousands of big rigs driving up and down those long highways we wouldn’t have the essentials for our nation.   At Hose & Rubber Supply, we want to make sure that your rig is at its very best.   When it comes to hose, fittings, and belts, Hose & Rubber Supply can keep you on the road.

Hose & Rubber offers a variety of tubes, lines, hoses, and DOT assemblies that will keep your rig rolling and your livelihood going Taking care of your truck is our biggest priority, and the way we do it is as simple as 1-2-3 (your engine, your cab, your trailer).

1- Your rig is your partner. You are a team. And your engine is the heartbeat of the rig that you drive. Keeping that engine powered, cooled, and efficient requires silicone heater hoses, turbo hoses, power steering lines, hump hoses, and brake lines. We have all of those parts, as well as radiator hoses, specialized clamps, fuel injection lines, and serpentine belts. If the engine is the heartbeat of your rig, Hose & Rubber Supply keeps the whole thing circulating. 

2- The engine is important to the truck, but the cab is important to the driver. When you’re spending hours upon hours driving up and down those long highways, you want to be cool, calm, and comfortable. Hose & Rubber provides quality A/C lines and even repairs existing A/C hoses to make sure that neither you nor your truck, overheats. If your A/C needs to be repaired or replaced, then trust the professionals at Hose & Rubber Supply. We’ll help you keep your cool. 

3- If the engine is your truck’s heart, and the cab houses the brains of the operation, then it’s obvious that the trailer is the body. It’s what houses the most important parts- what you’re delivering to your customers. It is the body of your rig, the trailer, that feeds or clothes or otherwise enables an entire country. If something happens, if your brakes go out or some other unforeseen circumstances were to occur, a lot of people would be affected. You know how important your job is and you know how important the trailer is to that job. Losing brake pressure puts the skids on the whole gig, but Hose & Rubber is able to stop the problem before it starts. We stock DOT push-to-connect tubes (in a variety of colors) and nickel-plated brass fittings, as well as rubber air brake lines and glad hands. 

When your dash lights up, you need to consult the experts. And when it comes to quality assemblies and hose fittings, there are no better experts than those at Hose & Rubber Supply. Whether you need to fix a hose, have fuel-injection-line problems in the middle of winter, or keep yourself or your drivers cool on a blistering summer day, we have what you need- when and where you need it. With decades of experience, you can count on the guys and gals at Hose & Rubber Supply to get you back on the road.

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