Name: Adam Weisz

Title: Branch Manager

Hired: 2007, 2010

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

Marital Status: Single

Hobbies: Basketball, video games, going to sporting events, spending time with friends, & being the ‘fun uncle’ to three nephews.

Bio: It wasn’t supposed to be a career. When Adam Weisz began working for Hose and Rubber Supply during the summers of 2007 and 2008, it was just supposed to be an easy way to earn some extra money in between college semesters. He got the gig because his dad knew the manager, so he started working as, in his words, ‘a grunt.’

Weisz graduated with a degree in finance, but his graduation coincided with the country-wide recession.

Suddenly, the finance world was a lot more fickle than previously thought. He was looking for a job and he found one in Hose and Rubber.

“I came here to pick up some stuff for my father and they asked me if I wanted a job,” Weisz said. “Obviously I wasn’t doing anything, so I said yes. 13 years later, I’m still here.”

When he took the job, he graduated from the “grunt” work and spent the first part of his career rising through the ranks.

“I was a counter guy, a warehouse guy, and then I moved around and transitioned and became the warehouse manager,” Weisz said. “Then a couple years later the branch manager left, so I took over the branch.”

As Branch Manager, Weisz gets to put his financing degree to use, as he does much of the store’s budgeting. He also provides training to new hires, supervises his team of employees, and more.

“I work the counter a lot, do a lot of AP stuff, a lot of AR stuff,” he stated. “Really, I’m just a glorified worker. That’s how I describe myself. I do all the same stuff as other people, just extra.”

Weisz said one of his favorite aspects of the job is the independence that comes with it. There’s no micro-managing from his bosses, and that’s something he emulates with his own team.

“Brian [Taylor] and Scott [Hilton] are my bosses, and they kind of just let me do what I do,” he said. “Obviously there’s a big trust factor there, which I appreciate. That translates to how I lead my guys, too. You want to make sure everyone’s doing their job, but you also want to give them room to make mistakes, so they learn for the future. Most of all, you just want to treat people how you’re being treated.”

That attitude extends to his customers, as well. Weisz said he enjoys working with his customers and being a one-stop-shop, offering solutions to any problems his customers bring to him.

“I always treat it as a game,” he laughed. “Like, every customer that comes through the door is a competition, with a problem to solve. The game is being able to solve every problem. That kinda keeps things fun.”

It’s that type of attitude that differentiates Hose and Rubber Supply from the competition. They are the definition of ‘customer-first,’ and that presents itself in every interaction they have.

“We always go the extra mile for people,” Weisz said. “The end goal is always to help the customer. We’re even willing to call one of our competitors to see if we can find something for our customer there, if we don’t have it. I don’t know how many other companies are willing to do that. But I think customers always remember that. If we can’t get it for them here, but we can find it somewhere for them, they’ll always start here first. That always goes a long way with customers; if you can help them, eventually you’ll help yourself.”

That’s a lesson Weisz learned quickly, but it’s one that has served him throughout his 13-year career; a career that he never even planned on having, but one that has made him a vital part of the Hose and Rubber Supply team.