Name: Brandon Doyle

Title: Front Counter/Hose Assembly

Tenure: 12 years

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, Being Outdoors, and Working Out

He almost didn’t get hired.

When Brandon Doyle first applied at Hose and Rubber Supply in Williston, North Dakota, he was initially told, ‘Thanks, no.’

“The manager at the time didn’t want to hire me,” Doyle said. “He thought I was too young.”

At first, the manager didn’t think Doyle was old enough or mature enough to handle the responsibilities that came with the job. But when a different guy who was working at Hose and Rubber heard the manager’s reason, he scoffed.

“He said, ‘You should probably hire him,’” Doyle remembered. “He said, ‘Just cause he’s young doesn’t mean he won’t do a good job. You should want younger people anyway to do the labor work.’”

So, after some hemming and hawing, the manager agreed to hire Doyle.

That was twelve years ago, and Doyle has been with Hose and Rubber Supply ever since.

Doyle spent many years working in the oil field before deciding he needed a change of scenery.

“I was working and moving oil rigs,” Doyle shared. “I just decided to see if I wanted to work in a shop, in 2010 during the oil boom, and I’m still here.”

Choosing to leave the oil field during a boom was a risky decision, but it pulled off in spades. Doyle bet on himself and he won.

Going from the oil field to a company like Hose and Rubber was an interesting transition but, with it, came a lot of perks.

“The hours are better,” Doyle laughed. “You can actually have a life. Usually, if you work in the oil field you just go until you have days off. So working with Hose and Rubber, you actually get a schedule, for the most part anyway.”

Doyle laughed, but it’s true. The culture at Hose and Rubber Supply is very much about work-life balance. The managers, associates, and warehouse employees at Hose and Rubber are all business when they’re on the clock, offering customers the best service they could ever expect. But Hose and Rubber Supply wants their employees to have their own lives too. That was a big selling point for Doyle and it’s one of the things that has kept him around for more than a decade. The other thing is the people that he works with.

“I like the management,” he said. “I like the crew too. And, I get to work inside, not outside. So that’s a benefit. I can bring my dog to work too, if I want to. It’s pretty laid back and that’s probably one of the coolest things about working here.”

Doyle said that his main responsibilities include actually building the hoses and working the front counter. He is readily available at the drop of a hat; either to build something or to assist customers with any questions they may have. Doyle is a man of few words, but he almost always is able to answer customers’ questions and, if he doesn’t have the answer, he will make sure to find it.

Actually building the hoses, however, is an entirely different matter.

“First, you’ve got to look at what the customer brings in,” he said. “Then, you’ve got to identify what kind of ends are on the hose. You’ve got to make sure that you’re building the same thing that they bring in. There are so many different types of hoses. You’ve got to know what kind of hose it is, and you have to know the application that it’s being used for, and the pressures, and all of that stuff.”

Doyle wouldn’t call himself an expert, yet. But he’s pretty close. And he’s surrounded by others who know just as much, if not more, than he does.

“Experience is what makes us stand out,” he said. “Most of the people that work here have worked here for quite a while. We’ve got a lot of combined experience.”

It’s not just the experience that separates Hose and Rubber Supply from its competitors; it’s also the attitudes of the employees.

“We don’t say no,” Doyle pledged. “We’re custom. We do all the custom work that no one else will. And that gains us a lot of customers.”

And if Hose and Rubber Supply stands for anything, it’s that – doing the work that nobody else will do. Hose and Rubber will do what needs to be done. They will go that extra mile. They will put in those extra few minutes to make sure that a customer leaves their store satisfied.

“We have a motto,” Doyle offered. “It’s ‘Done Right Here, Done Right Now.’ Most people don’t have time to wait. So that’s what’s going to get them in the door; knowing that we can get what they need done right, and in a timely matter.”

That’s what Brandon Doyle tries to do every single day. He’s been doing it for 12 years and he has no plans to change. In those 12 years, Doyle has proven himself to be an exceptional asset to the team. Not so bad for a young kid.

“I just want to say thank you for giving me this chance,” Doyle said, speaking of his bosses. “Thank you for taking the chance on the younger kid and for keeping me around for 12 years.”