Brian Taylor - Hose and Rubber Supply

Name: Brian Taylor

Title: Training Manager, Formerly Operations Manager

Tenure: 18 Years

Married: 36 Years

Children: 4; 2 sons and 2 daughters

Hobbies: Softball, Church, Boating and Spending Time with Grandkids

Bio: When Brian Taylor tells you that Hose & Rubber Supply is a family business, he means it.

Taylor started with Hose & Rubber Supply 18 years ago, but he’s been in the hose manufacturing industry for nearly 38 years. Taylor began working in the industry after a member of his church told him about a company that was hiring at the time. Taylor said he was amazed at the scope of the hose industry.

“I was totally blown away that there was a whole business built around this world,” Taylor laughed.

But there was and, little did he know, it would be a world that he would remain a part of for almost four decades.

“At first,” Taylor reflected, “I was kind of just working the job to work, to make some money. But then I went to a training in Denver and it was four days and three nights of really intense training that taught me how hoses were made and what the purpose of them actually was. I was intrigued. And that’s when I decided that this could be something I could make a career of.”

That’s exactly what he did. Taylor stayed with that company for 20 years and, while there, he met Scott Hilton.

“Scott came to work at my company as a consultant and he ended up being the general manager,” he remembered. “I was also working as part of the management and, eventually, we both saw the writing on the wall when our company was sold to a bigger company. He went on to work in Washington state for a company called American Hose & Fittings, and I told him if he ever started in Utah, that I wanted to be a part of it. That’s exactly what happened and I’ve been here now for 18 years.”

In those 18 years, Taylor has done a lot. Before becoming the Training Manager for Hose & Rubber, he was the Operations Manager. But whatever position he was in, Taylor’s favorite part of the job was always working with their customers.

“The guys joke around with me about it, but every day I have to get what I call my ‘Counter Fix,’” Taylor laughed. “I have to go to the counter and actually help a customer, because that’s what I really enjoy. I enjoy it when a guy comes in with a problem, and he’s probably ticked because maybe he’s been to 5 other places and he says ‘Oh, you probably can’t help me.’ But we can. And we do. And he leaves our store with a smile on his face because we were able to serve him. That is what turns my crank.”

Customer service truly is the backbone of Hose & Rubber Supply, and it has been since the 1970’s, when Les Crawford and Dave Brown purchased the former McFarland Specialty store and eventually turned it into Hose & Rubber.

“When Gordon Crawford’s dad, Les started Hose & Rubber back in the seventies, his whole thing was about having a customer service heart. He cared about his customers and we care about our customers. We treat them kindly, and that kindness goes further than just the customers. We treat everybody in our company kindly, our employees, our vendors, everybody. We treat them with kindness.”

The professionals at Hose & Rubber supply treat everybody involved with the company with kindness, like they’re family. And, for Taylor, some of the employees actually are family.

“Both of my sons work for Hose & Rubber,” he said. “One runs the Provo store and the other is an outside salesman for the Provo store. My oldest daughter worked as a driver for us for awhile before she went on a mission and when she came home, her husband started working here too.” So when Taylor says Hose & Rubber is like family, he means it.