Name: Jeff Morley

Title: Field Service Representative

Tenure: 13 Years

Hobbies: His wife of 20 years, taking care of his five children, and motorcycles, especially his Harley 


Bio: For 13 years, Jeff Morley has been a fixture of Hose and Rubber Supply. He has worked in various stores across the country, helping them grow, and making them better. 


Before working for Hose and Rubber, Morley was a manager for a plumbing and heating company. One of his clients mentioned that Scott Hilton with Hose and Rubber was hiring, and Morley said he’d be interested in speaking with him. Hilton called him a few days later, the two went out to lunch, and Morley was hired.


“I started with Hose and Rubber back in 2010,” Morley said. “I was just working on the counter in our Salt Lake store. I worked on our counter there for about two-and-a-half years, and then I ended up taking over our Rock Springs store, and I packed up and moved to Wyoming. I ran that store for seven-and-a-half years. Then, I moved down here to our Provo store to work as an Assistant Manager and then rolled into the manager position for about a year-and-a-half.”


After Hose and Rubber closed their GMS, military sales branch, there was more shuffling, and Morley decided to start doing outside sales. 


“My responsibilities now are pretty much to take care of our customers in more of a mobile application, as opposed to them walking into the shop and us helping them over the counter,” Morley said. “I physically go on-site to their locations and I work through the problems with them and try to come up with the best solution possible for their issues. And if for some reason, I can’t solve their problem, I at least try to direct them to a better solution elsewhere.”


Because that’s what Hose and Rubber Supply does, if they don’t have a solution, they will guide their customers to whomever does. 


“While we do sales,” Morley said, “we’re more focused on making sure that everything is functioning well and that all of our customers are being taken care of.” 


That customer service, Morley said, is what separates Hose and Rubber from all of its competitors.


“Our customer service is much more top-notch than a lot of other companies,” he said. “Most of our competitors are more about quantity, not so much the quality of work.” 


Hose and Rubber focuses on both but emphasizes quality work. Even if it costs a little bit more and even if it takes a little longer to achieve. 


“A lot of companies out there don’t really trust their employees because they’re always concerned that their employees aren’t doing their job, or this or that or the other,” Morley said. “Hose and Rubber tend to lean more towards putting complete trust in what we’re doing, not questioning what we’re doing. That makes us all work a little harder because we don’t have to constantly be showing them or working ourselves to death. We’re actually able to think things through and do things more professionally and actually take the time to do things right, as opposed to feeling like we have to rush through everything.” 


It’s that trust, that faith, that has kept Morley working at Hose and Rubber for 13 years. Throughout those 13 years, Morley has seen a lot, heard a lot, and done a lot. 


In fact, he even hired his son to work for the company. 


“I actually hired him when we lived in Wyoming,” Morley said. “I hired him when he was 15, so he’s been with the company now for 5 years. I hired him to clean our warehouse, and he ended up moving to Utah even before I did. He wanted to kind of break off on his own and do his own thing. So, I wished him best of luck on that, and he came down here, and he’s been soaring ever since.”


So, too, has Jeff Morley. He’s worked for Hose and Rubber for more than a decade, and he has proven himself indispensable. He is as much a part of the company as, well, the hose and the rubber. Morley has done everything he could to help Hose and Rubber supply grow. He is a favorite of the customers, and the customers are his favorite part of the job.   


“My favorite part of this job is being able to physically get out there and talk to some of the customers,” Morley said. “I’ve developed a lot of really good relationships with my customers. For the most part, all of our customers invite us in with open arms because, usually, when we walk in the door, we’re solving an issue, not creating one.”