Name: Josh Kain

Title: Casper Branch Manager

Hired: 2009

Marital Status: Married with One Child

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, and Spending Time with Family

Bio: One of the best parts about working at Hose and Rubber Supply is the opportunity to advance one’s career. Many of the current managers began their careers in the Hose and Rubber Warehouse. 

Josh Kain is one of those people. 

Kain is the current Branch Manager for the Casper, Wyoming location. He began working for the company in 2009 and, in the 13 years since he has risen through the ranks to become a leader both in the company and in his community. 

“I was in the Diesel class up at Casper College and every year they do a safe hydraulics class, here at Hose and Rubber,” Kain revealed. “They were hiring at that point, so I applied and started right after I graduated that class.” 

Kain said that one of the reasons he applied at Hose and Rubber was because of how they treated him when he was there as a student. He also remarked that he saw how “family-oriented” the company was, which interested him as well. 

He said that during his interview, he met with a variety of people, all of whom took turns asking him questions. 

They called him a week later offering him the job. After graduating from the class, Kain took the job and the rest, as they say, is history. 

He began working in the warehouse in 2009 but it wouldn’t be long before he climbed the ladder. 

“In the warehouse, I was checking in freight, packaging customer orders, and more until I got to know everything a little bit better,” Kain stated. “Then I worked in the shop for a couple of years, and then they moved me to the bullpen, being inside sales.”

Kain said it was a bit of a transition going from the warehouse to sales, but he said the transition was a good one. He learned a lot about customer service and problem-solving. For 6 years, Kain worked in inside sales and then, in January of 2022, he became the Branch Manager. 

“I keep track of the warehouse, the bullpen and I help AP and AR and other branches as well,” Kain said. “With the people I’ve got, they’re all great people. And they help me out a bunch, managing everything.”

Kain said the only frustrating thing about the job is when parts aren’t delivered on time — especially these days when suppliers are having a hard time getting us product — but, he said, the employees at Hose and Rubber will do everything they can to make sure customers get what they need when they need it. 

“If we can’t figure it out and we know someone that might deal with that, even if it’s a competitor, we’ll send our customers in that direction,” he said. “We want the customer taken care of.” 

And they are. Kain and his team make sure of it, every single day.