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Optimizing the customer experience

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Optimizing the customer experience


The Hose & Rubber Supply location in Rock Springs, WY has braved a changing landscape over its many years. Throughout that time our inventory and warehouse have changed dramatically to reflect that landscape change.

As we’ve served different customers with different needs, how our shop was setup became an ever evolving optimization problem. How do we optimize our space to best build boost hoses quickly? How do we optimize our space to build, separate and tag hundreds of chemical hoses in one order? Our team had free roam to change the warehouse area around in order to best solve those problems. Solving those problems made Rock Springs a fast place to have hoses built and have problems solved. That time savings has always been valuable to our customers.

Throughout all of these changes one thing remained the same; our showroom.

When customers come to our locations they are usually in a hurry. Recognizing this Hose & Rubber Rock Springs recently remodeled our showroom to optimize the customer experience. How did we accomplish this?

We moved inventory front-and-center

We moved inventory front-and-center with bold, informative labels making it easy to find common products like camlocks, fuel nozzles, and washer wands.

We expanded the space

This expanded ‘hands on’ showroom where customers can get a feel for the materials they are shopping for is ready for customers in a hurry.

Easier access to inventory

Combine this easy access to inventory with knowledgeable employees who are eager to help and we think you’ll have the fastest experience you’ve ever had at Hose & Rubber Rock Springs.

The same principles we’ve long followed in our warehouse are now at the forefront of our showroom and we think we can now say that we’ve optimized our showroom for our customers. We’ve received great feedback from people who like how this change helps them save time. Come check it out!