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Restoring readiness to a legacy system

Hose & Rubber Case Study
hose and rubber supply government sales

Customer Type:

U.S. Air Force Base Minot


Minot, North Dakota


Provide a replacement fuel transfer connector assembly.


Recreate both the flexible portions of the assembly and end connection in conformance to the 1962 specification.


Fueling system returned to operational status, spare parts now available to maintain the equipment.


The Minot Air Base, in its 91st Missile Maintenance Squadron, uses a fueling system with a flexible hose connector specified in its 1962 construction drawing.

The Maintenance Squadron was no longer able to readily obtain this replacement part which was jeopardizing operational readiness and disabling costly equipment.  The original manufacturer of the specified end connections was no longer in business and the machine works where they were created had been sold multiple times in the ensuing years.  In addition, the flexible portion of the component was no longer manufactured with the same tactile and appearance properties.


Obtaining both a used/failed component sample as well as the drawings and documentation respective to the part allowed us to identify both the performance and physical characteristics desired by the Maintenance Squadron.   Working with our manufacturing source points we were able to create a flexible connector with all the performance and appearance characteristics desired. Through research and industry connections we were able to also locate the owner of the end connection designs and have them produced for the project.


By being able to have the specific end connections and flexible components constructed to the Maintenance Squadron’s needs we established a reliable, repeatable process to provide replacement components to keep this portion of a Legacy system at operational ready status.  The Maintenance Squadron is able to have both parts on-hand as well as supply chain availability for replenishment.