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The Frac Hose Story

Hose & Rubber Case Study
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Oilfield Frac and Service


Jonah Basin, Wyoming


Provide a hose and connector assembly that could withstand the new pulse and high vibration services


Create a spec and manufacture a new type of hose to overcome these challenges


In conjunction with hose manufacturing provided a product to increase productivity

With eight locations throughout the Rocky Mountain west Hose & Rubber has been a premier distributor of hydraulic and industrial hose for over 50 years.


Natural gas development in the Jonah Basin of western Wyoming had taken a exponential leap in the early 2000’s.  The implementation of a new method of fracking had increased production beyond anyone’s expectations.

However, the new methodology introduced severe pulsation impact and movement of the hoses used, causing internal and external wear at horrific rates.


The service companies needed a hose product that could deliver the higher working pressures, pulse resistance for the coupling system, and both internal and external wear resistance to the abrasive application.

Working with manufacturing and our knowledge of hose systems and rubber compounding we partnered to create the new product.


The resultant hose system was able to extend operational life of the assembly’s ten-fold, reducing downtime, limiting in-service leaks and failures, and thus producing a critical cost and operations savings that extended from the service to production companies.  The performance was so outstanding it quickly proliferated across the industry.