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Water. It can be one’s best friend or one’s worst enemy. One of the four natural elements, it’s both a powerful force – and indispensable. It can fight fires and flood basements. You may be moving it to grow crops or pumping it to prevent flooding. Whether it’s coming in trickles or tidal waves, we can help direct it for good or from damage.

Fortunately, the professionals at Hose & Rubber Supply know exactly which products to use in order to channel water for a variety of projects. You may have a work site that’s completely flooded, dry ground waiting for a drink, or be hauling disposal water. In any situation you can trust our work to be the perfect connection from pump to destination.

For decades, our team has helped industry leaders get their water moving, where they needed it and when they needed it, and we’ve done so efficiently and (most importantly to you) economically. Your work depends on how quickly and how easily you are able to transfer water to your desired destination. Pumper truck operations, agricultural and pivot lines users, contractor water trucks and crews of every type have learned to count on Hose and Rubber for expert assistance.

We have the experience, and the inventory (including hoses and connections), to help you stay in motion. With our large stock of hose choices, assembled contractor hoses, fittings and couplings we’ll get you what you need to put water on the move. We can also build custom assemblies so that you’ll have exactly what you need for your specific project, regardless of your brand of equipment.

So, when you need to take action, look to us to help you complete your plan or to get your existing components repaired, updated, and connecting. When time is of the essence, most especially in emergency situations, we’re here for you when you need it. We understand the need for efficiency when it comes to the work that you do, and we have the products on hand to keep you moving.

Incidentally, did you know that, oftentimes, a simple coupler is all that’s necessary to renew an old hose? We can help when you rebuild and restore valuable older equipment. We have a wealth of tips, tricks and suggestions to make your job easier.

From large fire-hydrant connections to the smallest of camlocks, Hose & Rubber Supply is here to ensure that when you need a drop to drink, a puddle to jump in, or a wave to ride, we are your hookup. At Hose & Rubber Supply, making great connections is what we do best.