Employee Spotlight – Haley Carpenter

  Name: Haley Carpenter Title: Inside Sales Representative  Tenure: 12 years Hobbies: Traveling and taking care of her children   Bio: In her eyes, when Haley Carpenter began working for Hose and Rubber Supply, she had some pretty big shoes to fill.    “My mom actually worked here,” Carpenter said. “She kind of did what… continue reading »

Employee Spotlight – Jeff Morley

Name: Jeff Morley Title: Field Service Representative Tenure: 13 Years Hobbies: His wife of 20 years, taking care of his five children, and motorcycles, especially his Harley    Bio: For 13 years, Jeff Morley has been a fixture of Hose and Rubber Supply. He has worked in various stores across the country, helping them grow,… continue reading »

Employee Spotlight – Blake Williams

Name: Blake Williams Title: Inside Sales Tenure: 13 Years Hobbies: Running, Watching College Football, the NBA, and Rugby, Spending Time with his Children   Bio: Blake Williams was looking for a change. For 20 years, Williams worked in the restaurant industry. Only those who have worked in the industry know how hard, how demanding, how… continue reading »

Employee Spotlight: Mark Free

Name: Mark Free Title: Office Manager of Billings Branch Tenure: 10 Years   Bio: Hose and Rubber Supply likes to think of itself as one big family, and while that may sound like a cliché, it’s still true. The men and women of Hose and Rubber Supply treat each other like family, and they do… continue reading »

Employee Spotlight: Brandon Doyle

Name: Brandon Doyle Title: Front Counter/Hose Assembly Tenure: 12 years Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, Being Outdoors, and Working Out He almost didn’t get hired. When Brandon Doyle first applied at Hose and Rubber Supply in Williston, North Dakota, he was initially told, ‘Thanks, no.’ “The manager at the time didn’t want to hire me,” Doyle said. “He thought… continue reading »

Hose & Rubber Announces New CEO

It began with Gordon’s dad. In 1970, Les Crawford and Dave Brown purchased McFarland Specialty; the company that would one day evolve into Hose and Rubber Supply. Les’ son, Gordon, started working for Hose and Rubber Supply in 1979 along with his brother Dennis and, in 1998, Les sold the majority of the company to… continue reading »

Employee Spotlight: Armando Ramirez

Name: Armando Ramirez Title: Sales Hired: April 5th, 2021 Marital Status: Single Hobbies: Food, fishing, beer, playing guitar, and soon will have a new dog Bio: For Armando Ramirez, he doesn’t believe in doing a job unless it’s done to the fullest extent. That’s a mantra that he’s believed, and practiced, throughout his entire career. Whether he was in California or… continue reading »

Employee Spotlight: Rick Paolella

Name: Rick Paolella Title: Military Sales Hired: 2018 Hobbies: Rick is one of the few people that has a license plate that reads, “My other car is the Batmobile”. Funny thing is that his other car really is the 1966 Batmobile that Rick has used for Make-A-Wish and Autism Awareness. Rick also spends his free… continue reading »

Employee Spotlight: Josh Kain

Name: Josh Kain Title: Casper Branch Manager Hired: 2009 Marital Status: Married with One Child Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, and Spending Time with Family Bio: One of the best parts about working at Hose and Rubber Supply is the opportunity to advance one’s career. Many of the current managers began their careers in the Hose and Rubber Warehouse.  Josh Kain is one… continue reading »

Employee Spotlight: TeJay Griffiths

Name: TeJay Griffiths Title: Branch Manager Hired: 2011, 2021 Degree: Double Major from University of Utah – Business Management & Information Systems Marital Status: Wife and 3 Children Hobbies: Raising children, dogs, and chickens. “My wife co-owns and runs a tumbling studio. Between all of that, we stay fairly busy. In our scant free time, we enjoy spending time together as… continue reading »

Employee Spotlight: Adam Weisz

Name: Adam Weisz Title: Branch Manager Hired: 2007, 2010 Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance Marital Status: Single Hobbies: Basketball, video games, going to sporting events, spending time with friends, & being the ‘fun uncle’ to three nephews. Bio: It wasn’t supposed to be a career. When Adam Weisz began working for Hose and Rubber Supply during the summers of 2007 and 2008,… continue reading »

Casey Lass

Employee Spotlight: Casey Lass

Name: Casey Lass Title: Branch Manager Hired: 2008/2014 Marital Status: Married, 3 Children Hobbies: Formerly Powerlifting. Currently, spending time with family, going on Church camping trips, fishing, kayaking, etc.  Bio: If Casey Lass has learned anything in his almost 14 years with Hose and Rubber Supply, it’s that more often than not, the grass is not greener on the other side. … continue reading »

Employee Spotlight: Kendra Cornia

Name: Kendra Cornia Title: Credit Manager Hired: November, 2020 Degree: Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Tarleton State University How You Got the Job: “Business is something that’s just always been interesting to me and it just made sense to get into this field. So, I went to Sheridan College in Wyoming for two years, and then transferred down… continue reading »

Employee Spotlight: Zach Hoffman

Name: Zach Hoffman Title: Accountant Tenure: 7 Years Marital Status: Married Children: 3 Hobbies: Hunting Bio: It was a case of being in the right place, at the right time. Zach Hoffman never imagined he’d be the accountant for a hose and rubber supply company. In fact, he never thought he’d be an accountant, period. “It’s kind of crazy,” Hoffman laughed…. continue reading »

Meet Gordon Crawford – Owner

Maintaining the Legacy of Hose & Rubber Supply “Let me tell you a story,” Gordon Crawford, owner of Hose & Rubber Supply began. “When my brother and I were working for my dad, we were doing some of the manufacturers’ rep stuff for Hose & Rubber. One of the things you did as a warehousing… continue reading »

Employee Spotlight: Gene Hinton

They call him the ‘Sunshine Enforcer.’ When Gene Hinton first began working at Hose & Rubber Supply Company in 2013, he brought with him a certain sense of positivity. It’s something he learned during his time in the United States Military,  during which he earned the rank of Sergeant. “Out of high school, I had… continue reading »

Todd Edman - Hose and Rubber Supply

Employee Spotlight: Todd Edman

It was, for all intents and purposes, a ‘Plan B.’ Todd Edman, the Branch Manager for Hose & Rubber Supply in Salt Lake City, Utah didn’t plan on the career that he currently has, but isn’t that how the universe works? What’s the old phrase about making God laugh by telling Him your plans? That’s… continue reading »

Brian Taylor - Hose and Rubber Supply

Employee Spotlight: Brian Taylor

Name: Brian Taylor Title: Training Manager, Formerly Operations Manager Tenure: 18 Years Married: 36 Years Children: 4; 2 sons and 2 daughters Hobbies: Softball, Church, Boating and Spending Time with Grandkids Bio: When Brian Taylor tells you that Hose & Rubber Supply is a family business, he means it. Taylor started with Hose & Rubber Supply 18 years ago, but he’s been… continue reading »