Power Transmission


Some drive systems work best with classic belts, but you may need to make speed changes or stroke-per-minute changes on an artificial-lift or other system. Whatever your belt equipment needs, Hose & Rubber Supply can fill them! We also carry the most sophisticated tools to make drive installation and maintenance a breeze. How about maintenance training? It’s always available to your team.

Classic V-belts and sheaves are the heart of the belt world—and, of course, we stock them. There’s a world of difference in the quality of available belts.

However, the only one that can provide precision timing and power is the synchronous belt. Converting select drives to synchronous belts can increase efficiency through precise RPMs, higher torque, better energy transmission, and specific timing between shafts. Our power-transmission products are finely engineered by the world’s leading manufacturers. We provide on-site assessment and any needed design of your systems and supporting inventory.

Cut your maintenance time and costs and greatly lower your downtime. Our product knowledge, experience, drive maintenance tools, and superior training help you spend less time installing and maintaining drives. Increased equipment performance, better production, lower maintenance costs, and bigger bottom lines and reduced downtime. Just think—reduced maintenance, less frequent tensioning, and minimal down-the-road repairs!

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