Need an extra pair of strong hands?

Let us take the load off you & put it where it belongs: On one of our hydraulic tools.

When you need the best in compact portable hydraulic power to push, pull or take the load, we have the tools that can lift it, and that’ll lift your spirits too! Just let us know what you need to lift today, or might need tomorrow.

Your job will get done faster, easier, with the portable hydraulics we have ready for your use. From portable cylinders and slim pucks that can handle up to 150 tons along with hand, electric, and air-driven pumps, we’ve got the right products.

Now you can easily lift most anything, whenever and wherever you need to!

No more wondering how you’re going to micro-align heavy welding projects, lift tons of shop equipment for maintenance, raise a vehicle for repair in a garage or on a field location, or help shore up your sagging wall or that deteriorating bridge for a DOT rebuild.

Let us know your needs and put us to the test. Make Hose & Rubber Supply your partner in work’s heavy-lifting moments. We can handle the pressure.

Take advantage of our decades of experience… now!!

When you want to avoid a hernia or a strained back, come ask us how you can lift that object of your concern. We specialize in making heavy tasks uncomplicated and safe. Your body will thank you for the rest of your life.