Quick Couplers


If you’re using a hammer,
we need to talk.

Have you ever had to get creative when your hydraulic quick couplers just won’t push together? We’ve got a better, safer, less expensive way.

So whether you need to connect under pressure, standardize similar units, connect multiple lines in a single motion, or want to replace a well worn set, our team has the proven, working solutions you need. They’ll do the job now and keep on doing it for you in the years to come.

Take advantage of our decades of experience…now!


Leaks, drips, and fluid loss is a loss of productivity and profit. With the costs of fluids, and the damage to machinery in run-dry events increasing, a review of the best coupler by application can mean savings every day.

Working with our people, you won’t need to worry about:

• Difficult connections
• Weeping Couplers
• Flow Issues
• Contamination

Have Fluid Power When and Where You Need It

Sometimes you just can’t be caught waiting for fluid power to come online. Full flow, high pressures, and critical applications demand power—right now.

Our customers say:
“You Can Trust Hose & Rubber”

…and they’ve been saying that for nearly five decades. It’s even more true today, because, wherever the cutting edge is in the world of hose and its fittings, we’re already there. You can be too!

For example, quick couplers (QC’s) are designed to make your life easier, your connections faster, and spills and leaks a thing of the past. When couplers are damaged, mismatched to their application, or of poor quality, you miss out on all their benefits, and suffer all the frustrations! Let us help you avoid all that pain and the resulting downtime among your people because we’ve been there and helped others. Let us earn your trust as we have with so many companies similar to yours. Let us help you.