Transfer Hoses

Get quality transfer hose assemblies you can rely on well into the future.

Don’t let the lure of budget hose cost you money in the long run!

Do you transfer products? We can provide hoses for anything from wine to waste, from fuel to flour, and anything in between. If you need to move product, our quality assemblies will mean a reduced cost of ownership for your company.

The last thing you need is a failing hose assembly because every minute of downtime burns up your profits. Keeping your product moving keeps your bottom line looking good! So, is there a way to speed up the replacement/repair process to be on your way to greater revenue and profit? Yes, there is.

Customers have come to rely on the performance and durability of our hose assemblies. We make a real difference in the toughest of circumstances by supplying superior transfer hose. We can build crimped or banded assemblies, and provide you with options to attach or repair in the field. Whether your connection is aluminum, brass, stainless steel, or any number of other options, Hose & Rubber can supply what you need.

We’re known for providing top-quality products and innovation to thousands of customers in many industries. Let us keep you ahead of the curve and at peak performance. Call and ask our people how.

Don’t let the lure of budget hose cost you money in the long run.


Our decades of experience across varied environments have let us identify the best products for maximum service and longevity, and to better help you transfer products that are critical to America’s supply chain. When you get your hose assemblies from Hose & Rubber Supply, you know you’ll have the best of the best, made right here—right now. Helping you keep and grow your market share, year after year as you avoid downtime or costly spills: that’s what we’re here for!